Welcome!  Thanks for visiting.  Here is a brief overview of my time at the pottery wheel over the years ...


My interest in ceramics began as a teenager in 1970s' California.  At University I continued to study ceramics as an elective and also participated in a number of workshops that included Earth, Air, Fire, and Water in Grass Valley, CA;  with Dennis Parks in Tuscarora, NV; and at the Raku May Days on the beach south of San Francisco.


At that time I also learned about the bold energy of Peter Voulkos' work and the "Funk Art" inspirations of Robert Arneson.  It was obvious there was not one "correct" way to aesthetically complete a piece and I began to appreciate and learn about the creative possibilities of the making process.  These early experiences and influences inspired me to keep developing new forms, to try new glazing techniques, to enjoy the successes, and to make sure that I would always have access to a wheel and kiln as I carried on with other "regular" jobs throughout the years.


Since moving to the UK 10 years ago I have had the good fortune to work in a corner of Roberto Gagliano's Brighton studio (potterygagliano.co.uk) for a couple years.  Also, for the last 4 years, I have served as John Evans' kiln technician during his summer alternative firing techniques workshops (jevceramics.co.uk).  The Southern Ceramic Group annual Raku/Pit Firing days have also been rewarding experiences for the last 5 years (southernceramicgroup.org.uk).


I currently work out of my home studio in Brighton and have organized and participated in several raku teaching and firing sessions in collaboration with other potters in the south.  I always look forward to the community spirit that develops during a day of group raku firing and the inevitably unique results!


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Raku Sessions

Please do not hesitate to drop me a line using the contact form below if you would like help organizing a raku firing day at your location.  A program can be tailored specifically to your individual firing requirements or for a group firing with

like-minded potters!


Raku Sunday

This is an open day for potters to bring their bisqued pieces to Brighton for a day of Raku firings, (usually on the 3rd Sunday of the month). The day starts at 8:30a with a 2 hr. glazing session for those that need to decorate their work, and then it is on to firing.  You are charged based on participation in the (optional) glazing instruction session, the amount of supplied glaze used, and the amount of kiln space displaced in each firing.  Bisqued pots are also available for purchase.  Attendees may participate in the post firing reduction bin process (but this is not required).  We all bring some food to share at lunch time after seeing our interesting results from the first firings!    (Please, no pets or children under 18).


Please use the contact form to book your space on one of the dates shown below and for any questions that you may have.  Thank you for your interest in Raku Sunday!   

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