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My initial interest in ceramics began as a teenager in 1970s California, then continued through University,  and has very much stayed with me to the current day.  Over the years I have found the never ending effort to match new forms with various surface decoration techniques very satisfying and inspiring.  My current work is fired in a raku kiln, a barrel, or in a pit.  (Gallery)


Since moving to the UK I have had the good fortune to create my work in Roberto Gagliano's Brighton studio before transitioning to my own studio 5 years ago.  Additionally, for the last 6 years, I have served as John Evans' kiln technician during his alternative firing techniques workshops in West Sussex.  During the last 5 years my kiln and I have made regular appearances at the annual Southern Ceramic Group Raku/Pit Firing day, and, for the last year, I've conducted open monthly raku firing sessions in Brighton. Please click here (Raku Sunday) to see more details about future firing sessions.  


Events from the early days included:


Workshop at Earth, Air, Fire, Water in Grass Valley, CA,

Workshop with Dennis Parks in Tuscarora, NV,

and the Raku May Days on the beach south of San Francisco.


UK Shows:


 - 2019 May and Xmas, Artists Open Houses, Brighton, 169 Preston Drove

 - 2019 June Artist Open Houses, Worthing, conducted "Intro to Raku" workshops in collaboration with John Evans Ceramics

 - 2018 Art In Clay, Hatfield

 - 2018 Artists Open Houses, Brighton


Planned for 2020:

 - 31 Jan-14 Feb, Coachwerks, Brighton, "Make.Connect" show

 - 2 May-24 May, Artists Open Houses, Brighton at 169 Preston Drove and Coachwerks Studios, (Fiveways trail)

 - 31 July-2 Aug, Pots in the Pens, Penrith, Cumbria

 - 21-23 Aug, Art in Clay, Hatfield

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