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My initial interest in ceramics began as a teenager in 1970s California, then continued through University,  and has very much stayed with me to the current day.  Over the years I have found the never ending effort to match new forms with various surface decoration techniques very satisfying and inspiring.  My current work is fired in a raku kiln, a barrel, or in a pit.  (Gallery)


Since moving to the UK I have had the good fortune to create my work in Roberto Gagliano's Brighton studio before transitioning to my own studio 5 years ago.  Also, for the last 6 years, I have served as John Evans' kiln technician during his alternative firing techniques workshops in West Sussex.  For the last 5 years I've managed one of the kilns at the annual Southern Ceramic Group Raku/Pit Firing day.  And, for the last year and a half, I've conducted open monthly raku firing sessions in Brighton. Please click here (Raku Sunday) to see more details about future firing sessions.  


Events from the early days included:


Workshop at Earth, Air, Fire, Water in Grass Valley, CA,

Workshop with Dennis Parks in Tuscarora, NV,

The Raku May Days on the beach south of San Francisco.


UK shows:


 - 2020 Feb, Coachwerks, Brighton, "Make.Connect" show

 - 2019 May and Xmas, Artists Open Houses, Brighton, 169 Preston Drove

 - 2019 June Artist Open Houses, Worthing, conducted "Intro to Raku" workshops in collaboration with John Evans Ceramics

 - 2018 Art In Clay, Hatfield

 - 2018 Artists Open Houses, Brighton


Planned for 2020:


 - 2 May-24 May, Artists Open Houses, Brighton at 169 Preston Drove and Coachwerks Studios, (Fiveways trail)

 - 31 July-2 Aug, Pots in the Pens, Penrith, Cumbria

 - 21-23 Aug, Art in Clay, Hatfield

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